Current Openings.


We’re looking for Software Developers (SDE I and SDE II) to join our team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Write C++ code for scale, performance and high availability requirements
  2. Willingness to learn and grasp new skills
  3. Debug and analyse problems

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Masters or Bachelors Degree or equivalent in computer science
  2. Approximately 3-5 years of directly related work experience
  3. Strong knowledge of Linux environment
  4. Strong experience in developing multithreaded, system level applications
  5. Experience working on SDK's/external libraries and develop C++ application on top of them


  1. Programming language - C, C++, Python, OOPS concepts
  2. Version control tools - Git
  3. Software development life cycle

Good to have:

  1. Knowledge about computer vision, OpenCV etc.
  2. Video Analytics domain and concepts
  3. CUDA and other HPC programming concepts

Location : Bangalore
If interested, please email your CV to

About The Inkers.

Inkers is one of the most advanced AI and Computer Vision firms in the world, working on ultra-large scale AI projects. Inkers works on city-wide projects, with Law and Enforcement agencies for forensics, with aerospace industries and others for AI driven automation. Our research and development focus is on delivering "practical" solutions which can work flawlessly in the actual environment. If the problem is not about "scale" we do not work on it.

The Workplace

We follow open office model. Everyone is accessible to anyone. Being in the stealth Mode, we test our machines in indoors. The Office is open 24/7 and Shoes are not allowed inside the office. Calls and discussions are conducted outside the work area. Bean bags are also found scattered around.

Super Machines

For DNN Training, Simulations or hard Image Processing Problems, we have two dedicated Machines which we call Beast1 (GPU-centric with 12000+ GPU cores) and Beast2(CPU-centric with Liquid Cooled CPU and 128GB RAM with fastest SSD). An HW testing rig with HDKs, Electric Motors, sensors as well as a 3D Printer.

Lighter Side

People get together in the breakout area where they play Pool, eat, drink or just chat. The mini-kitchen is always stuffed (unless in parties we run out of party stock and jump on it) and you can request for something you like. Friday ends with a party where we learn the lighter sides, must for all interns and they organize it.


Anup Rajput

Head of Engineering

One of the fastest problem solvers you have ever seen. Has designed advanced CPUs, Integrated GPUs (right from RTL to GDSII), worked on developing asynchronous circuits and their design implementation, designed Motor Drives, Hardware Architectures, PCB Designs, Automation, Optimizing DNN for real-time performance. He loves Hi-Def Music and visiting every place on the map.

Gaurav Pal

Vice President - Engineering

A very rigorous person. Master in scripts, nearly all programming languages, hacker, very fast learner and soft-spoken, he has worked on Universal Access Gateways, CMM/CMA, networks, hardware programming, web technologies. He did an MBA from IIM as well in the meantime. Incidentally, he knows everything and everyone, but you will have to dig it out of him.

Pallab Sarkar

System Architect

Expert in C, C++, JNI, System Calls, IPC Mechanisms, threading, architectures of OSes like Android, Windows, Linux, OSX, protocols like MPEG2 TS, V4LDVB, RMP, Playready, OpenMaxIL, MP3, MP4, ASF, OpenCV, HTTP Streaming, RTSP, SNMP, SIP/VOIP, developed 3D audio and video frameworks, DRMs, optimized encoders/decoders, and HAL interfaces. He is a part-time singer and is very witty, so be careful.

Navneet Singh

Senior Research Scientist - AI/ML

Passionate about discovering insights into complex data systems. Has strong mining technologies, neural networks, query optimization and prediction analysis fundamentals. Leading our DNN initiatives like emotion detection, human pose detection, scene understanding, segmentation, image captioning and network optimization. Loves just finishing up all existing AI/ML online courses and impromptu travels.

Vikram Kalabi

Machine Learning Lead

No one we know of, knows the Machine Learning fundamentals as clearly as Vikram does. When he is not working at Inkers, he teaches Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to others. Great at mathematics, he would be your go-to-person if you want to understand deeper concepts. He is good at PyTorch, Tensorflow, Caffe, Keras, MXNet, Theano, or any other platform you can think of. He is also a great dancer and vocalist!

Rahul Sharma

Robotics Lead

He 3D prints parts for his robots and drones, create schematics for their electronics, get's the PCB made, assembles them, programs them and then let them crawl/fly in the office. He has learnt everything literally from scratch and is an undisputed member of our intelligence team. A great source of old songs at competitions here.